Sustainability was literally built into the Caribou Room.

As we brainstormed the venue, our meticulous project planning took sunset costs and project life-cycles into account every step of the way.  We at the Caribou Room firmly believe that sustainability means conscientious environmental stewardship of all materials from cradle to grave.  This is why we rely on as many recyclables, post-consumer resources and forward-thinking technologies as possible.

  • We recycled an existing structure into what is now the Caribou Room, re-using three full-size shipping containers (40’ x 9’ x 8’) as our warehouse. All of the trim throughout the building is from recycled barn wood and beetle kill pine.

  • We operate a complex solar power array consisting of 25 panels, 24 batteries, and two high-power inverters. Solar power provides The Caribou Room with 50% heat and 90% light.  It powers all our cooling systems, including four fridges, a double freezer, an ice maker, and a walk-in cooler. The solar array powers our recording, streaming and broadcast control room.

  • Our building was designed with massive amounts of insulation (including high-efficiency windows), both for heating and cooling purposes as well as soundproofing that keeps our neighbors happy.  Our facility has a conservation-minded, digitally controlled HVAC system. We also make use of recirculated heat via a sophisticated makeup air unit that works in tandem with our kitchen’s state-of-the-art hot line (6 gas burners, 2 gas ovens, 2 convection ovens, a fryer, and a large gas griddle).

  • Our lighting is 95% LED and motion sensor activated both outdoors AND indoors. Our restrooms feature low-flow plumbing and no-flush urinals as well as eco-friendly hand dryers instead of paper towels.  The parking lot design (including recycled pervious asphalt) allows drain-off to return directly to groundwater.

  • Our cocktail tables were handcrafted from old wine barrel heads, while our bar tops and drink rails are made of paperstone, a composite of 100% post-consumer paper and other natural materials.  Our trim and FOH booth were designed using reclaimed barn woods and the like.

  • Not to mention the sink in our green room, repurposed from an old Hammond amplifier!

Last but not least:

  • Our beers are cooled to a perfect 32.5°F—all by the power of the sun.

  • We sell locally crafted beers, ice cream, and beef, and make it a point to rely on non-GMO, free-range ingredients.

  • Our on-site garden allows us to stock our kitchen with our own fresh greens and herbs, watered by collected rainwater.

  • We hire from our local community whenever possible.

  • WE HATE SINGLE USE PLASTIC. All our events are virtually 100% zero waste. Sourced from recycled materials and corn, our dish-ware and utensils are 100% compostable. Paper straws ftw!